Plant Installation Services

All installations include pickup and delivery of plants from Andersson Gardens, soil amendment, pine straw mulch, and fertilizer around each plant. The cost of each plant is not included and plants must be purchased separately.

Small Plant Basic Package 1


For one of the following options:

a. 72 four inch pots (4 flats)
b. 15 1 gallon pots
c. 10 3-5 gallon pots
d. Mix of up to 25 4 inch pots, up to 10 1 gallon pots, up to 5 3-5 gallon pots

Small Plant Basic Plus Package 2


For the following option:

a. Up to 72 four inch plants, 15 1 gallon pots, 10 3-5 gallon pots

Large Plant Package


Choose one of the following

a. 6 10 gallon pots
b. 5 15/20/30 gallon pots

Premium Installation Package


Includes all of the following

5 flat of four inch plants
20 1 gallon pots
10 3-5 gallon pots
5 10 gallon pots
4 15/20/30 gallon pots

Coming Soon

By mid-April I expect to be selling food from my new farm site in Buckhead. If you’re interested in fresh produce deliveries, please let me know and I will put you on our email list.


Rates apply to Atlanta, Decatur, Scottdale, and Avondale Estates residents. If you are outside these cities, a gas and travel fee will be added based on how far away you are from Andersson Gardens and how many trips the job might require. Expect a $40 travel fee for up to an hour of travel.

Eco Gardens LLC

Eco Gardens, LLC is a complete landscaping company offering home owners and businesses superior service, quality and experience. They are a family-owned and operated landscaping company with skilled staff, years of experience, commitment to quality, customer communication, and excellence.

Eco Gardens offer a broad range of landscaping services ranging from ongoing lawncare maintenance to tree removal, hardscapes, drainage resolution, and largescale landscape installations.