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We thrive to sell quality plants at fair prices. We are complemented by our customers about the quality of our locally grown plants, which are already adjusted to our climate.

However, there are many circumstances under which plants die, such as Georgia red clay, frosts, improper drainage, insects, rodents, animals, improper watering and more so we are unable to replace plants. Instead, we offer you the best plants at the best price.

We accept Cash, Check (with a valid, current driver’s license), debit, Visa, American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Cryptocurrency through Coinbase.

We currently only accept 1 gal and quart black pots and trays.

We close in July during the heat of the summer due and in December during the cold of Winter.

The best time to plant in is spring and fall, because plants have time to establish their roots before the heat and drought of summer. Trees and Shrubs are best planted in the fall, to have the most time to develop before the heat of summer.

We are typically open from March 1st to July 3rd for spring. In the fall we are open from September 1st until the Sunday before Thanksgiving.